Successful project with Paulig Group!

We are happy to share the news that Paulig Group are live with iPMC from inriver! Paulig is a family-owned, international group in the food industry that was founded in 1876 with well-known brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold & Green and Poco Loco. The group has approximately 2000 employees in 13 countries and had a turn-over of EUR 920 million by 2020.

It has been a very successful project and we are now look forward to a continued collaboration where Diamir’s solution for GS1 will be implemented for Paulig Coffee brand.

”If you work with brands and products, I truly hope you too have realized the physical product cannot exist without the data about it. This has been obvious already decades in any organization operating with physical products or items. Unfortunately, this is still often not taken seriously enough or the scope for the data needed is way too narrow. In today’s digital world information is the product. Customers and consumers expect a great experience from the first search to post-purchase. The relevant product information, and even broadly, product content should be available through every channel and touchpoint — quickly and easily.

We selected InRiver PIM, and Diamir Consulting as trusted advisory to help us implement it, as one of the first corner stones for our new digital backbone. InRiver PIM enables us to manage and optimize the product content for each use-case and touchpoint we come up with. In the future when we go forward rolling out the solution, we will have all commercial product information and content available through one “source catalog”. This will help everyone in Paulig but especially our marketing, sales and customer and consumer service employees. But more importantly this will help all our customers and consumers by making sure that they have access to right content in the right place in the right time to support their business or taste exploring! Diamir team shares the vision with us how product information is in the core of the business today and has proven to be a good partner. Looking forward to the next phases – The product is dead, long live the product!” – says Mikko Sirenne, Head of IT – Customer Interaction & Digitalization, Paulig.