Omegapoint acquires Malmö-based Diamir Consulting

Omegapoint continues to make strategic investments by acquiring Malmö-based Diamir Consulting. Diamir is well-known for their extensive experience in Product Information Management (PIM) and deep industry knowledge within Food & Beverage. Together, Omegapoint and Diamir will deliver experts and projects in cyber secure digitization, eCommerce, and PIM. The acquisition further strengthens Omegapoint’s position in eCommerce and PIM.

“There are significant synergies in our merger, which will create a strong overall offering in Omegapoint’s existing business area, Commerce Solutions. There is a good match between the companies, and we complement each other very well. The industrial logic of the merger is very clear to all parties. Together, we become stronger,” says Fredrik Lundbeck, CEO of Omegapoint Malmö.

Diamir Consulting is currently around 20 people with an office in Malmö and since the end of 2021, also has an office in Quebec, Canada. The largest customer base is in Sweden but also around Europe, and now in North America.

We started Diamir in 2017 with the aim of building a specialist company in PIM, Web, and change management. Our goal was to attract the best within inriver PIM and build a specialist company that could compete and win the trust of customers both here in Sweden and internationally,” says Diamir’s CEO Mattias Pergler.

Omegapoint’s goal is to become a European leader in cyber secure digitization. Strategic acquisitions, with great consideration for both cultural and competency matches, are part of reaching that goal. The merger between Omegapoint and Diamir means that the business in southern Sweden is expanding, and the competency is broadened throughout the group.

Diamir’s Vice CEO Pontus Börresen concludes, “We see great opportunities within Omegapoint to develop our offering and together with Commerce Solutions, we will become much stronger, which gives us greater opportunities in the future to take on a greater responsibility towards both existing and new customers. I’m really looking forward to meeting the future together!”

For more information:

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Fredrik Lundbeck, CEO, Omegapoint Malmö AB


Mattias Pergler, CEO, Diamir

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Pontus Börresen, Vice CEO, Diamir

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